Flooding, Storm Damage Angers Residents

By Lisa LaPlante

WXMI-TV, Grand Rapids, Mich.


Aug. 15–SPARTA– Several families in Sparta are still dealing with the flooding that happened two days ago. The Village Manager says the issue should be taken up with insurance providers, but some people feel they are getting a run-around.

The streets are dry today, but on Saturday, 3 1/2 inches of rain fell on a half hour. It left the streets flooded. Patricia Wright says flooding on South Union, in front of her house, caused water to seep into her basement. Several people say they saw water coming up from the drainage system. “Water was shooting out of there, out of there,” Patricia told FOX 17 News, as she pointed at the sewer grates. “It all came this way, and that way, and I don’t know how far.”

Village manager Martin Super says he knows too well the damage that was done. But, he says the rain is to blame, not the sewage system. “The fact of the matter is that amount of water, over this area, it’s simply more than any storm system can handle,” Martin said. “The water went into the basements, it went into my basement, into council members basements we all were flooded and people are mad about it.”

Some houses had thousands of dollars in damage. “We’re recommending people contact their home insurance companies and point out that it wasn’t necessarily a flood, but it was storm damage,” Martin said. Patricia says she can’t stay at the house because her electrical box got wet, and she’s afraid to turn the electrical system back on. “I’m staying with friends,” she said. “We had to move everything out of freezers, you know, I don’t dare turn on the electricity until someone checks that and I don’t know how they’re going to get down there because the stairs collapsed. I’m just beyond upset.”


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