GUSET EDITORIAL: Economy needs a boost – now

The following editorial was published in the Sept. 29 edition of the San Jose Mercury News, Calif.:

According to a Bloomberg News story Wednesday, multiple economists confirm what the Obama administration has been arguing: The president’s $447 billion jobs plan would “help avoid a return to recession by maintaining growth and pushing down the unemployment rate next year.”

Yet there is little hope Congress will pass the bill Obama has been promoting in a barnstorming trip across the country. Instead, Republican members of Congress argue that tax reform and less regulation will somehow solve our most urgent economic problems.

Some of these ideas are well worth discussing for the long term. That’s largely what the congressional super committee on deficit reduction is doing. But for the immediate threat, these long-range strategies may be counterproductive. As we barrel toward a double-dip recession, 14 million unemployed Americans and millions more at risk of losing their jobs would appreciate it if Congress did something – anything – to help right now.

If you see someone having a heart attack and not breathing, you don’t lecture him to cut back on the burgers and fries. You start CPR and call 911.

Opponents of Obama’s strategy to jump-start the teetering economy and create jobs right away need to come up with their own plan. Stat.


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