Keep The Candy: 5,000 Pounds Of Fresh Food Given Away

By Dave Spencer

WXMI-TV, Grand Rapids, Mich.


Oct. 31–GREENVILLE, Mich– While many trick-or-treaters went out with the empty bags in tow, a line of about 175 people formed in the parking lot of First Church of God in Greenville for a very different reason.

Volunteers unloaded potatos, cucumbers, fresh bread, juices and other goods from a large yellow truck provided by the organization Feeding America.

Mary Maule has been one of those volunteers for about two years.

“You meet a lot of interesting people here,” she said. “Especially the ones that are working.”

When we caught up with Maule, she was handing out the bread to those in need, but she was also giving them a warm smile, something Kay Kent, for one, was happy to get.

Kent said, the line that she was standing in gets longer by the month.

“All the factories just went down and everything,” said Kent. “It’s just that there aren’t any jobs out there for people anymore. That’s why they do it.”

Kent is here with her daughter. She said her daughter and seven of her own family members just moved back to Greenville from Washington. They too are in line for the fresh food.

The pastor of the First Church of God said a service like this, offering free food to people in need, is offered at the end of each month. He said it couldn’t be done without volunteers and those willing to give the food and their time.


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