Dantonio takes offense about MSU’s game plan

EAST LANSING – Michigan State coach Mark Dantonio said today at his weekly news conference that the offense didn’t create enough “explosive plays” during Saturday’s 24-3 loss at Nebraska. He disagreed with the insinuation that the game plan was predictable.


Asked whether he was concerned about the variety in play calling, Dantonio said: “No, I’m not concerned about that. It’s real easy to talk that after the game. I’ll concern myself with the future.”


Michigan State largely went away from its running game in the second half, didn’t get the tight ends involved in the passing game after Dion Sims dropped a throw in the first half, and wide receivers B.J. Cunningham (no catches) and Keyshawn Martin (five catches, 58 yards) didn’t have much open space.


Nebraska safety Austin Cassidy said after the game: “Judging by the formations they came out with and where their wide receivers were split or the down and distance, we knew exactly what was going to happen, and I think it showed today.”


Asked about the tight ends’ lack of involvement, Dantonio said today: “Nebraska did an excellent job walling our receivers up, tight ends included. They predominately rushed four people the majority of the game, from a chaos type of alignment on third down. … We couldn’t get open. The bottom line was they had us walled up, covered. Whether it was 3-on-2, or 4-on-3, they always had someone underneath.


“They did a nice job recognizing the routes we were running. … They took away B.J. As I said, when we don’t have explosive plays, there’s a difference there. I thought we were able to run the football, but you can’t continue to run the ball when the score gets a little bit lopsided.”


Dantonio gave credit to Nebraska and its coaches but added: “It wasn’t that we were running the same patterns. It wasn’t the same, monotonous thing.”


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