“You can’t be happy getting here because if the goal is to get here, then you should have stopped wrestling two weeks ago. The goal has to be being a state medalist.”

— Chippewa Hills wrestling coach Nate Ethridge, on the goals of his wrestlers this weekend at the individual wrestling final.


“It’s kind of shocking. Your body just goes numb. Luckily, there’s two people in the water to help you out. If those two guys weren’t there, I don’t think I would’ve made it out.”

— Aimee Brown, a member of a team of Yoplait employees who raised money and took the plunge into Chippewa Lake on Saturday as part of fifth annual Area 5 Law Enforcement Torch Run Polar Plunge, a fundraiser for the Special Olympics of Michigan.


“Festival of the Arts is all about bringing the community together. It’s all about everybody contributing their particular talents.”

— Robert Garrels, who helped compose the Festival of the Arts’ closing ceremony performance, “The Circle Unbroken.” The performance that touched on all forms of creative expression, from singing and dancing to visual and musical arts.


“It makes me feel like it is my day to feel special. I get to do whatever I want and everyone will kind of do what I want. … (A Leap Day birthday) is not that much different from a normal birthday. It is just one day that a kid can actually have a unique time for themselves.”

— Austin Arquette, 12, on being born on leap day.


“I’m not afraid to drink my water or water in any city in Michigan, but obviously if you look at what we have collected in a three year span – 31,000 pounds – that is just the tip of the of the iceberg.”

— Chris Angel, president of Great Lakes Clean Water Organization. The organization has spearheaded the Yellow Jug Old Drugs program to help keep medication out of the Great Lakes Water supply. Unused medication has found its way into Michigan’s water supply because of the way in which it is disposed. The program has properly disposed of 31,000 pounds of unwanted or unused prescriptions since its inception in 2009.


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