TONY RUTLEDGE: It’s time for new leadership in Big Rapids Township


Please, please, please, as we approach Election Day, take a few minutes and reflect on what we as Big Rapids Township residents have had to endure over the years of being represented by Maxine McClelland and her cronies, chaos, threats and intimidation, wasted time and money so they can continue to control the township.

Over the years they have used every dirty trick. Ms. McClelland and her cronies have run this township like an 11th century fiefdom – only they are right, and if you disagree you will be threatened and intimidated as the recent recall election demonstrates.

This township leader is a laughing stock around the state, not respected, and with her own personnel issues should be questionable as any kind of responsible leader! It is sad to watch over the years a group of closed-minded fanatics run our beautiful township into the ground.

This is a township run by demagoguery, and right wing fanatics that care nothing about you or me. We now have a chance to make some major growth; remove Ms. McClelland, and her cronies, please before I die. Give someone else an opportunity to help our township grow, change and move from the 11th century into the 21st century. Give free-thinking individuals a chance and remove the old tired guard. Move on and retire with grace Ms. McClelland and cronies!

Tony Rutledge

Big Rapids Township


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