ROSES & THORNS: Six join county’s sports hall of fame; shame on those who made annoying use of new fireworks law


... all the organizers, volunteers, 4-Hers and everyone else who made the Mecosta County Agricultural Free Fair such a great success!

… folks throughout the area who with some degree of grace weathered the most persistent heat wave we’ve seen in quite a while. There’s no doubt about it … it was hot. An especially fresh rose to everyone who took the time to check in on neighbors and make sure those who are a little more vulnerable were well and healthy under the circumstances.

… Big Rapids Jaycees, the Evart Chamber of Commerce and other civic organizations throughout the area communities who sponsored the wonderful fireworks displays highlighting the Independence Day holiday. There’s nothing like a few “bombs bursting in air” to really put folks in the spirit of this special day.

… Lake County’s Idlewild community as it continues with a summer-long celebration of its centennial. There is a lot of history in Idlewild. It is well worth a visit during one of the many events marking different aspects of the growth and development of a very unique “neighborhood” just down the road a bit. Check it out at

… all the folks who turned out to help raise funds for the Animal Rescue Coalition of Mecosta County. During the most recent effort, more than $2,000 was added to the organization’s coffers and will be put to good use serving needy animal friends and companions.

… the six newest members of the Mecosta County Sports Hall of Fame: Jeff Pierce, Kurt Freiberg, Rick Sellers, Clark Huntey, Dick Young and Dick (Cookie) Cook. You have all made significant contributions to local athletics over the past 50 years and are deserving of the recognition received at the annual Old Timer’s Game at Hemlock Park.


… (where its hurts the most) to all those who made use of fireworks over the holiday break in a most annoying manner. The state legislature decided the sale of any and all kinds of fireworks is a legitimate “job creator.” But that doesn’t mean you should take huge rockets and 4-inch charges home to blow off a 2 a.m. C’mon folks. Just because the folks in Lansing say every fireworks rocket is legit doesn’t mean using them with little or no common sense is right … or a right.

… to hockey free agent Ryan Suter, who turned down a generous contract offer from the Detroit Red Wings in favor of signing with the Minnesota Wild along with fellow free agent Zach Parise. Both players would have looked great in Hockeytown’s red and white sweater this fall, but instead opted to join a franchise that finished 11th in the Western Conference last season.


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