BETTY J. O’NEIL: Township needs supervisor, board to uphold checks, balances of government


Spending big money at Big Rapids Charter Township: Did you know that all elected officials get an additional 25 percent of their total compensation put into a retirement fund? Did you know that the employees and elected officials, except the trustees, get fully-funded health insurance?

When the suggestion of creating a salary commission to look at all salaries and wages for all elected officials and employees of the township was brought up, our current supervisor wouldn’t hear of it! She would not allow “the salary commission to take care of this because nobody else knows what is involved with the elected positions and therefore cannot make an informed decision.”

Well then, if our township citizens (who would make up the salary commission) are not smart enough to know what our elected officials are worth, then maybe we should just get rid of the board and all committees and let the current supervisor do as she pleases.

Oh wait, that already happens.

We need a supervisor who is not afraid of working with the board and committees and upholds the checks and balances of government.

It’s time! Vote for Bill Stanek on Aug. 7


Big Rapids Township


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