MECOSTA COUNTY COMMISSIONERS: Support Courtney, Adleman for county commission


We support Kevin Courtney and Art Adleman for County Commissioners in the August primary election. They are your best choices to represent districts No 1 and No. 5.

Both of them have done an outstanding job of serving their constituents as incumbent commissioners.

Kevin brings outstanding qualities to the commission. His background in law enforcement supervision and leadership has served us well in negotiations, personnel matters and contract languages. You may not always agree with his approach or bluntness, but that is Kevin! He is not intimidated by elected officials or afraid to ask the necessary “tough” questions or challenge department heads or committees on policies and procedures they are following.

Art brings a wealth of wisdom in dealing with health care issues, and his quiet thoughtful demeanor serves him well in listening to the concerns of the people he represents. He devotes countless hours to his duties as county commissioner.

Both men are extremely active in their churches and community activities and organizations.

Neither of them have any “hidden agendas” or “axes” to grind! You may not always agree with their approach, but we can assure you that their interest is in keeping Mecosta County a sound, fiscally managed county that is a great place in which to live, raise families and conduct business. They are team players who express their opinions, listen to reason, vote with their conscience and move on to the next task at hand.


Mecosta County Board of Commissioners

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