BILL STANEK: Thank you to all who voted for change in Big Rapids Township


Thank you to those who supported me in my effort to serve the Big Rapids township residents as supervisor. It is very humbling to see the support everyone has shown me in running against an incumbent and especially one that has been around so long. I appreciate all that helped in our campaign in every way.

You have realized that IT’S TIME to have accountability, cooperation, and respect shown among township officials and the surrounding communities. I am looking forward to working with all those that are running in the November election. It will be very helpful having a treasurer, clerk, and two trustees with experience.

Together we will be able to move forward in a positive way.

To those who opposed my election, do not fear the false rumors that circulate through the township. I have never had the intention of or said that I favored annexing the township with the City of Big Rapids or closing down the township fire department. It is true that I am friends with the mayor and city manager of Big Rapids. When it comes to business, we may sometimes have to agree to disagree while still maintaining our friendship. I intend to continue doing the good kinds of things that Maxine McClelland did while working to promote honesty, harmony, and understanding among all those that need to work together.

This is only the primary election. We still need support in the November election.

In the meantime, please do what you can to support the current board. It is my goal to foster a new and positive image for the township, and I appreciate all cooperative efforts to this end.

Above all, I seek to honor the Lord God in all that I do.


Big Rapids

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