MARGARET TENNANT: Paul Ryan would protect the Constitution

I am responding to Jim Crees’ article “Listen to the nuns, not Ayn Rand.”

This is a typical smear piece to damage Ryan by a lefty.

Perhaps citizens should be aware of Barack Hussein Obama’s executive order on March 16, 2012, which bypassed the U.S. Constitution and the powers of Congress and bestowed upon himself the power to impose a brutal version of Martial Law whenever he wants.

He can now:

  • Raise gas prices on a whim;
  • List any food prices he likes;
  • Cut back on health care for citizens;
  • Reduce our pay;
  • Bail out any person or company he likes;
  • Halt consumer production and replace it with government work;
  • Hike up air fares;
  • Force the production of electric cars;
  • Break existing labor contracts; and much, much more.

Our founders knew such men would exist, that’s why the Constitution drew the line on the powers of the federal government. The states are granted ore power.

The reason being that the people would retain the reins over wrongful governance.

Centralized government always leads to an abuse of power, which we have observed under the present administration.

Our rights come from God not the federal government. That is why the U.S. Constitution is so unique amongst nations.

Those who would use other nations’ laws in the United States are actually betraying the premise of the Constitution of the U.S.

At least Rep. Paul Ryan has proposed a budget. Where’s the Democrats’ budget?

Has President Barack Hussein Obama improved the economy? Bottom line, are you better off today than four years ago?

For too long, we’ve seen an assault on our liberties. I am not going to tell you who to vote for, but I do ask you to use your God-given intellect to who will hold up the U.S. Constitution, which provides us with “liberty.”

You can make a better day!


Margaret Tennant

Canadian Lakes

3 comments on “MARGARET TENNANT: Paul Ryan would protect the Constitution

  1. avatarjrgolomb

    It is very difficult to believe Ryan will uphold anything close to the constitution when he clearly has a difficult time telling the truth. Even Fox news infotainment reporters criticized Ryan and pointed out his misrepresentation of the truth:

    Lie #1: Ryan blamed President Obama for shutting down a General Motors plant in Wisconsin that was actually closed during the Bush administration.

    Lie #2: Ryan want to blame the S&P’s downgrade of United States debt on President Obama when it is very clear the refusal of the Republicans to work with Obama really created the downgrade .

    Lie #3- The biggest most deceptive rant of Ryan is his accusation that President Obama took $716 billion out of Medicare. Actually, the money has to do with savings in Medicare reimbursement rates. That is in savings, not tax cuts….but savings which means people can recycle that into American businesses.

  2. avatarbyrnex3

    Barack Hussein Obama

    You used his full name 2 times in your vent stream – Even the person you are advocating for didn’t warrant use of his full name even once. Ask yourself WHY you went that route. I am pretty sure I already know.


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