OREN GILBREATH: Paul Ryan reading Ayn Rand isn’t important politically


Mitt Romney’s choice of Paul Ryan for V.P. on the Republican ticket has reenergized GOP voters across the country while frightening, really frightening, the liberal media writers, talkers and bloggers.

Bloggers have the freedom that all media writers wish they had. When they want to destroy a political figure (Sarah Palin comes to mind), they make up stories and swear they’re true. They can take a true story, put their twist in it until it fit’s their purpose, and then again swear that it’s true. Which brings me to yet another political hit piece by Jim Crees (Listen to the nuns, not Ayn Rand).

Jim has decided to do a Sarah Palin on Paul Ryan by, of all things, condemning some of his past reading material that Jim heard about on the Internet. He even quotes a blogger, “Raw Story,” as one of his sources. The really bad and unforgivable sin that a young Paul Ryan committed, it turns out, was reading two books by Ayn Rand and then discussing it in public!

Ayn Rand was a popular philosopher in the 1930s and early 1940s. She believed that the Communist revolution that enveloped Russia in the 1920s was the wrong answer for a people trying to throw off the yoke of feudal imperialism that Russia had lived under forever. After watching the brutality and chaos, unbelievers murdered by the thousands along with general starvation throughout Russia. Ayn Rand and other Western thinkers began to develop an alternative to the Communist theory of total state control that was making such a mess of Russian people’s lives.

She believed the individuals knew better how to take care of themselves. Better than a body of government officials. She believed that a nation full of such citizens would result in a happy, robust and fruitful nation. She wrote a few books, young Paul Ryan read one or two and Jim Crees says that’s all she wrote for the GOP. I don’t believe it, the voters don’t believe it, Jim Crees doesn’t believe and the bloggers that Jim reads don’t believe it either. Witness Jim and the blowers — I mean bloggers busily trying to discourage GOP voters by destroying Paul Ryan before he even makes a speech or two. By the way Jim, Obama has been playing president for almost four years and you guys still haven’t told us what books he read. But you don’t have to tell us what church he attended for 20 years. We discovered that without you and the bloggers. It’s the one where the founding pastor hollers “God damn America” when he’s preaching and where he preaches that “9/11 was just America’s chickens coming home to roost.” Reverend Wright yes that’s the one. Twenty years Jim.

Oren Gilbreath


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  1. avatararlington ridge

    They have Mr Ryan on tape saying this is why he got into politics. I am a republican. I am also a republican that deals in hard core facts and not emotion.

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