Playoff paths still uncertain

Reed City, Big Rapids await postseason fate after clinching playoff berths

REED CITY — Reed City football coach Monty Price is not looking ahead.

But he is in a fortunate position to know that he will be playing a week 10.

The Coyotes enter the final week of the regular season with a perfect 8-0 record and has winless White Cloud at home tonight. That is why he has tried to sneak a peak at who Reed City could face in the playoffs.

It hasn’t been easy.

“I’ve looked at the playoffs,” Price said. “I couldn’t tell you where we are going, it depends on the 5-4 teams that get in. Any one team can point us in any number of directions.”

WAITING GAME: Reed City and Big Rapids already have clinched playoff berths, but where they are headed next weekend remains unclear. (Pioneer file photo)

Price sees three possibilities — heading east into the Midland area, north to the Upper Peninsula, or south with the Muskegon-area schools — all things that have happened in the past for the Coyotes.

Interestingly, Chippewa Hills could play a part in the playoff picture.

The Warriors, sitting a 5-3, need to beat Holton to qualify for the postseason. Price figures Chippewa Hills is on the cusp of being either a small Division 4 school or a big Division 5 team, just like the Coyotes.

It is possible for a rematch, Price said, or the Warriors would take the east scenario out of play.

“There are a lot of possibilities out there,” he said.

The ideal situation would be to win tonight, which could give Reed City three home games if it can advance that far. That is what makes tonight’s game so important.

“We aren’t looking past White Cloud, we want to win and host a playoff game,” Price said. “For us to host three games, we need to win and Menominee to lose to Petoskey, but it really depends on where the state sends us.”

Also in the playoff picture is Big Rapids.

The Cardinals are figuring they are in line to host at least one playoff game if they can defeat Lakeview tonight. A loss would almost assuredly put Big Rapids on the road for the postseason.

The Cardinals are 7-1 on the season and travel to Lakeview tonight.

Big Rapids coach Mitch Cumings isn’t looking that far ahead.

He wants his team to do its job — and that is to win. Everything else will take care of itself.

“You want to have a vision, to have a plan, but we don’t know where we are going,” Cumings said. “We are going to work on what we know and what we know is we play Lakeview.”

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