JULANE QUICK: Get out and vote Nov. 6


You’re tired of the campaign rhetoric. Maybe you’ll sit this vote out. NO! Do not do that. People were beaten and died to give you that right to vote. But, think about this.

You grew up knowing your family values gave you stability, that your parents and their parents, gave you confidence about life. You knew no matter what, their actions were predictable. Years of watching their actions gave you that certainty.

How does the history of our country give you that same certainty? What does that have to do with the election?

Our way of life, the American way, was defined with deliberate thought, and with the support of the people. One step at a time, over many decades. Look at the social programs that have touched your family, the lifestyle that contributed to your confidence in life. There is public education (for every child), Medicare (earned benefit), Social Service (earned benefit), GI Bill (change generations), FDIC (protects bank deposits), voice of the worker (collective bargaining/unions) equitable tax system (fairness), civil rights (equality), voting rights (one person, one vote), space program (dare to dream), the list goes on and on.

OK, those are Democratic programs.

Make a list for the Republicans. My personal favorite is the National Park Service, a genuine treasure in our country. But, go ahead and Google the question of historic Republican social programs that touched your life.

Right now, it is evident that the GOP is playing “I’ve Got A Secret” with the details for their social programs. We only know for sure Medicare will be replaced with government issued vouchers. We know for sure that tax breaks will continue for the millionaires.

Think, Americans. Think. Of course programs need to be modified as our country grows. But, we don’t destroy the entire system, risking the unknown, wondering about secrets. We don’t bulldoze the foundation, let the entire house collapse and then begin to worry how we’ll live.

You’ve listened to all the rhetoric you need. You knew all along how you were going to vote. Vote for improving America by deliberate thoughtful changes.

Julane Quick

Canadian Lakes

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