CARLLEEN ROSE: Thank you, FSU marching band, for supporting the community!


There is nothing quite like a marching band to bring out pride of community and excitement to a parade.

I would like to publicly thank Kappa Kappa PSI Delta Omega Chapter for getting up early on Oct. 27, putting on the sharp-looking Ferris State University marching band uniforms and leading the parade of hundreds of excited ghosts, goblins, witches and the like in our Fall Fest Parade.

A marching band is like a gift to a community that somehow sparks a note of togetherness. I long for the days when marching bands were a mainstay in every parade instead of what appears to be just nostalgia now.

Eric Watson, I appreciate your leadership and dedication to music and for all of the other musicians who made it exciting not only for the kids but for the big kids too!


Big Rapids


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