Man dies in car crash after leading state police on chase

STANWOOD — A Cadillac man died in a single-car accident after holding a woman against her will and leading state police on a car chase through multiple counties.

Robert Lee Mongar held a female acquaintance against her will, who he had reportedly physically and sexually assaulted her in Wexford County. He drove the woman, who was restrained, into Mecosta County, where they stopped for gas in Stanwood.

The woman was able to escape and fled into the gas station where employees gave her assistance. Mongar then fled the gas station.

Soon thereafter, Michigan State Police found a vehicle matching the description of the car identified in the assault. When officers attempted to make contact, Mongar drove the car down a dirt road into Newaygo County.

As the trooper followed the suspect, Mongar sped up and drove off the road at a sharp curve. With no indication of braking or attempting to turn, Mongar drove into a tree. He was not wearing his safety belt and was declared dead on the scene.

Troopers were assisted by Newaygo County Sheriff’s Office, Mecosta County Sheriff’s Office and Life EMS.

Mongar was previously convicted of criminal sexual conduct in Osceola County. He was sentenced in 2002 to a maximum of 10 years in prison, according to court documents.

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