CINDY BOUMA: Continue the passion from the election!


In the weeks leading up to Election Day we witnessed passionate Americans who voiced their opinions on candidates and were engaged in the major issues. It would be a terrible waste if all that purpose and energy are allowed to wane now that the election is over!

Voting is only the first step in our democratic process. Now that you’ve voted, we encourage you to maintain that momentum by getting in front of your legislators and telling them about the issues that matter to you. It could be via a note, call or visit.

One of the most important issues that affects ALL of us is healthcare.

Talk to your legislator about the importance of access to care, obesity prevention, tobacco control and other legislation that directly affects your health and your wallet. To prepare for a meeting with your legislator, check out you’, a free resource from the American Heart Association that highlights important health-related issues on the federal and state levels.

Regardless of your political leanings, it’s only by staying informed and actively engaged, can we improve the health of the people in our communities and all Americans.


Communications Director

American Heart Associaiton

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