MATTHEW SHENTON: Connecticut tragedy should spark dialogue for change


I am a little concerned about some of the rhetoric evolving after the tragedy in Newtown, Conn.

Firstly, I do not really understand what people mean when they say we should keep politics out of this. To me this sounds like a euphemism or double talk for “let’s not really have a meaningful discussion about this or make any real changes.” Politics is about government, and in the United States, by virtue of the democratic process, the government is, or should be, a “government of the people, by the people, for the people.”

If we really do not want a serious discussion about this recent tragedy, let’s just start the discussion by saying we should keep politics out of this. The people need to discuss this and engage their political representatives. This is politics; it is the political process.

Secondly, I am also concerned about the notion that more guns are really going to help the problem. We are told that the more lottery tickets we buy the higher the probability of winning the lottery. Similarly, the more weapons we throw into the American culture then the higher the probability our children are impacted by them. This is a lottery I would rather my children do not win.

Everybody needs to think long and hard about how meaningful changes can be made, whether it be access to firearms, adequate access to mental health, the almost unlimited availability of violent video games/movies, considerable hateful rhetoric pushed out by political radio talk shows, distortion of the truth by big money thrown at our politicians and countless other factors.


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  1. avatarbyrnex3

    When I hear “we should keep politics out of the conversation” I interpret that to mean do make quick knee jerk decisions based upon the emotions we all share after a tragedy. A discussion needs to occur but only after both sides can approach the topic without either “using” the incident or being placed in a position of having to be immediately on the defensive because a particular argument/position… currently appeals to the public.

    I find it hard to believe magazine size is really attacking any underlying problem but is a feel good easy remedy. Much like the implementation of danger level codes and allegations of WMD’s lead to poor policy decisions in a prior/recent administration.

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