Finding the proper arm swing

The local USBC association bowling tournament gets underway this weekend with singles and doubles competition taking place Sunday. Team event will take place Thursday night, Friday night and next Sunday in the afternoon. Singles and doubles competition will conclude next Saturday. If you haven’t filled out an entry form for your team yet you still have time but you can’t wait much longer. Give me a call so you can be registered to take part.

The local women’s association tournament will take place in March with entries closing later this month.

In looking for some tips to pass along I came across an article in the January 2013 edition of Bowlers Journal interactive that talk about pulling the ball on your release. I covered this topic a few weeks ago but because this is such a common problem I thought referencing this article may be just what you need to correct your delivery.

Pulling the ball is easy to recognize but very hard to fix. Pulling the ball means you miss your target on the lane toward the headpin. Bowling is a sport that requires synchronization between your feet and the swing of the ball. Because of this, it isn’t hard to believe that your timing may be off from time to time.

If your body is ahead of your swing at the line, you have to pull down hard with the ball to catch up. Other times you may start to pull the ball down early because you did not get the ball up to the top of your normal backswing. Either case will cause your timing to be off and for you to pull the ball off your intended target line.

First try to relax your swing from the top of the backswing. Muscling up is the process of trying to generate ball speed with your arm so you tighten up your arm and pull the ball through the release. Ball speed is generated with your legs, not your upper body.

If you loosen up your arm swing and still find yourself missing your target inside by a couple of boards you can try to adjust your timing by raising or lowering your ball in your stance. Changing the ball height will shorten or lengthen your swing. If lowering it doesn’t help with your timing, try the opposite.

The final option is to simply move your target farther outside. In other words, if you are trying to hit the 8 board but constantly hit the 10 board, move your target to the 6 board so the ball roles over the 8 board. This is not ideal because if you are still throwing bad shots and you should not play for a bad shot.

Also, if you do manage to get your timing and release back in synch you will actually miss the pocket on a good shot because you hit the wrong target on the lane. Don’t give up when you are having a bad session on the lanes. Recognize the problem and practice making the adjustment you need to get back in synch.

This week, my wife Teresa Cook, found her timing and was rewarded with the high game for the gals as she rolled a 240 game in the Saturday Night Mixed Non-Smoking league, edging me by a single pin. Shelly Myers came in with the biggest series again this week as she rolled a 601 on the Wednesday Night Keglers league.

For the men, Ron Collins Jr stepped up with a 278 game and 718 series in the Meceola league. John Ranik rolled a 708 series in the same league as Ron and Brian Jefts closed out the 700 series totals for the men in the Monday Night Men’s league.

Congratulations to all of our top bowlers this week. Remember to take part in your association tournament. Good luck and good bowling.


Individual league awards from this week:

EARLY KINGS & QUEENS – Colin Cline 658; Pat Williamson 658, 240; Mike Cline 626; Jim Sundell 246; Bob Spedoski 244; Shelly Myers 567, 200; Karen Morningstar 504, 200; Barb Fitzgerald 491; Judy Hoffman 181. And team efforts – Alley Oops 2093, 761; Morningstars 2058, 741; Bob’s Plumbing 1968; Wanna be Bowlers 694.


MONDAY NIGHT MEN – Brian Jefts 701, 252; Josh Moore 677; Jerry Whiting 675, 259; Darrell Aldrich 666; Jerry Aldrich 267. And team efforts – Morningstar 2495, 891; Custer Builders 2213, 803; Clear Lake Golf 2129; Wally’s Drywall 744.


EASTGATE DAMES & DUDES – John Chadra 683, 243; Todd Forgue 653, 236; Roger Andrews 635; Rick Loop 236; Deana Norriss 518, 183; Mary Lester 516, 182; Cathy L. Smith 489; Kathy Dettmer 193.


TUESDAY NIGHT HOUSE – Rick Bronson 636, 248; David Nawrot 631; Glenn Thompson 614; Butch Bechaz 233; Rick Keeler 232; Casey Lorence 433, 159. And team efforts – Ryan Creek Apts 2932, 1038; Custom Vinyl Design 2893, 1026; Wild Rose Cafe 2768, 979.


WEDNESDAY NIGHT KEGLERS – Shelly Myers 601, 214; Shannon Yost 568, 204; Chris Ray 557, 204. And team efforts – C-Ray Heating and Cooling 2279, 781; Comstock House 2252, 786; Morningstar’s 2236; Have Not’s 762.


MECEOLA LEAGUE – Ron Collins Jr. 718, 278; John Ranik 708, 259; Chris Baker 691; Jerry Reynolds 687; Roy Gifford 679; Chris White 677, 269; Ron Collins III 674; David Nawrot 656; Brian Near 654; Peter Norriss 648, 258; Richard Loop 266; Mark Rose Jr. 259; John Vanderhoof 257. And team efforts – Northern Lights Roofing 3262, 1118; Sharon’s Country Restaurant 3101, 1094; DNS Auto 3081; Love Real Estate 1116.


SATURDAY NON-SMOKING – Steve Stange 646, 233; Jim Cook 642, 239; Chris White 593; Ron Smith 211; Terri Cook 548, 240; Mary Lenon 451, 181; Katie VonBroock 444; Julie Boprie 179. And team efforts – Four Play 2076, 777; Spare Parts 1961, 667; Pinsetters 1797, 636.

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