SPECIAL THANKS: Thank you for supporting the Pioneer

It’s our birthday today! So allow us a brief indulgence.

The Pioneer is 151 years old today. That’s a lot of paper, ink and hard work. When we started out, the Pioneer was the talk of the town — a vehicle that allowed friends and neighbors to learn about what was happening in Big Rapids, the state and the nation. That is still our mission today, with a focus on bringing you Mecosta County news that you won’t find anywhere else.

The Pioneer’s growth and success has mirrored that of Big Rapids and Mecosta County. It has been our privilege to tell that story.

There is even more good news.

The future for community newspapers like the Pioneer has never been brighter. We understand that you sometimes hear things that seem to contradict this reality. But the only people who ever talk about the “death of newspapers” are competitors and critics.

We can be confident moving forward because we know something those other folks don’t understand — caring about your community never goes out of style.

The truth is, community newspapers like the Pioneer continue to show strong readership and sales. Why? Because of you. Our treasured customers and friends.

You are reading newspapers more than ever before — both in print and online at
www.bigrapidsnews.com. You are engaging us in brand new ways using social media. We’re telling your stories more completely using video, social media and other techniques — and you appreciate that we’re trying new things to help you make the most out of your news.

The Pioneer provides a valuable service to Mecosta County that many have tried to emulate but no one has been able to replicate. As long as you, our readers, care about your neighbors, your schools, local businesses, sports, service clubs, police, local government and a whole host of other things, we know the Pioneer will be a viable newspaper in the business of telling your stories.

No matter how bad your financial circumstances are, readers continuously tell us how much we mean to them. Advertisers also value the Pioneer as the vehicle that delivers their messages to you, their consumers.

So, thank you for subscribing.

Thank you for advertising.

Thank you for reading.

Most of all, thank you, thank you for supporting us for 151 years.

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