Roses and Thorns


the teams at Spectrum Health Systems and Mecosta County Medical Center for carefully, considerately, and compassionately working out the details of a merger of two institutions that will not only be a good business move, but will also benefit the people of the greater Mecosta County area — and further afield — as they seek out the best medical care possible.

.. all who took part in the delayed and ever so successful Big Event and the Big Rapids city-wide clean-up last weekend.

There was so much help offered by so many people in such a fine spirit of community. The clean-up efforts  turned out to be a great way to celebrate Earth Day.

Thanks! Hopefully next year the weather will be more cooperative.

Northern Lights Environmental Award winner Cindy Fitzwilliams-Heck who was recognized not only for her environmental and educational efforts, but for her passion and concern for the world in which we live. She is not only a great teacher, but a good example of someone working for the betterment of her global community.

to the many and varied athletic teams throughout the area who have really had to put up with some miserable weather since the spring break, but who have shown what good sportsmanship is all about while trying to stay dry and warm.

the Angels of Action for expanding their much-needed and ever-appreciated outreach to the Barryton area. The volunteer Angels are doing their best to make sure no child in Mecosta county goes without a meal and continuing nourishment. Thank goodness for good people doing good things in our community.


Gov. Rick Snyder’s administration for holding “secret” talks concerning plans for the future of Michigan’s public school education. Their “skunk works” scheming includes slipping a voucher-style program by voters who have already rejected such a plan.

There is no room for “secret” in government! And certainly not in state government when the issue isn’t a matter of national security.

If the governor has a plan, the people — his employers — should know about it.

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