Roses & Thorns


the retired educators who give of their time to help young students visiting the Mecosta County Youth and Family Center  and have really made a difference in the lives of children’s and families alike.

They demonstrate there is a significant place and role for every person in the community, no matter what age or stage in life, and that all can have a positive influence on all.

Ferris State University — honored with the second place “Engaged Campus of the Year” award by the Michigan Campus Compact.

This award recognizes the efforts of the local campus community to connect and maintain good and improving relations with the host municipality and its residents. “Happenings” such as The Big Event go a long way to cementing those good relationships. Around the entire state, only Northern Michigan University topped the Ferris efforts at community involvement.

Isabella Bank which is investing in both business growth and the Big Rapids community with the construction of a new branch office building on east Maple Street.

the dozens, nay, hundreds of volunteers who gave well over 30,000 hours of work to their neighbors through programs managed and facilitated at the Mecosta County COA Senior Center. More than 30,000 hours! That’s incredible. They deserve a lot of roses, and all our thanks.

David Pilgrim and Suzie Williams, who were both honored by the Mecosta-Osceola Bar Association with the Liberty Bell Award at the annual Law Day luncheon. We add roses to the honors saluting the work these two have done for the betterment of their respective communities.


Michigan Speaker of the House  Republican Jase Bolger and minority leader Democrat Tim Greimel for starring in a spat that has spread throughout the State House and once again shown how petty and malicious things can get in Lansing.

The childish behavior of our elected representatives makes one wonder how they actually manage to keep their seats. Even Gov. Rick Snyder bemoaned the behavior of the representatives and suggested they might at least attempt to work together to deal with issues facing the state. Don’t hold your breath, governor.

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