ROBIN GREIN: MOISD Board of Education voting is confusing

Dear Editor,

Reed City Area Public Schools (RCAPS) holds two seats on the Mecosta-Osceola Intermediate District Board of Education. One of two RCAPS board seats is open because our long-time board member, Darlene Fuller, is retiring from the MOISD board. Two candidates are vying for that seat, Susan Brown and Richard Karns. I attended the RCAPS Board of Education meeting on

May 20. Our board voted on which candidate they wanted to represent our district on the MOISD board. The vote was unanimous for Susan Brown.

When I finally got a chance to read the May 20 Pioneer, I read an article regarding the three spots (one from Chippewa Hills, one from Morley Stanwood and one from RCAPS) on the MOISD board, and to my dismay read that “Karns will be elected as … RCAPS representative on the MOISD board.” The article further states “that at the Chippewa Hills School District, Morley Stanwood Community Schools, Big Rapids Public Schools and Evart Public Schools Board of Education meetings all held on May 13, that those Boards of Education had decided to vote for Karns.”

I understand that government is sometimes confusing and works in mysterious ways, but I do not understand how our RCAPS board can vote unanimously to support Susan Brown as the candidate to represent RCAPS on the MOISD board but the other four local districts have voted for Karns so they actually have decided who will represent or district on the MOISD board.

The actual vote for the MOISD Board of Education seats is not until June 3. However, having read the May 20 Pioneer, it appears that the decision to fill the RCAPS seat on the MOISD Board has already been decided, and that it will not be the candidate that the RCAPS board unanimously supported. How could this happen?

Robin Grein
Reed City


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