Local anglers still waiting for fishing action to kick into gear this summer

BIG RAPIDS — It’s beginning to look a lot like summer fishing.

Anglers are still waiting for that big day when the fish will be biting like there’s no tomorrow.

Mike Ramsey of Evart said he hasn’t been out since Free Fishing Weekend earlier in the month.

“The bluegills were doing pretty good two weeks ago,” he said. ”But I don’t know what’s going on now. I would think the bluegills would be good on the beds but I can’t tell you that for sure.”

It’s been overcast and cloudy “but people have been catching just about everything on sinkos,” said Lyn Shively of the Eyes Have It in LeRoy. “They’ve been fishing in all the lakes. They’ve all been hitting. A guy came in (Wednesday) and said they were at Lake Missaukee and one caught 27, he caught 14 and someone caught 15 between bass and walleye. Everyone says they’ve been hitting.”

In Mecosta County, “the fishing has definitely slowed down this week,” said Jeff Green of Rodney. “I went out (Wednesday ) night and took a couple of friends to Lake Mecosta and we got 25 (bluegills) but they were small and we had to work hard for them. We had to move around a lot.

“Two days earlier, I went to Jehnsen Lake and pretty much found the same thing. The best fishing is past, I think, with bluegills. They’ve in a little deeper water and you have to work harder for them.”

Dan Lee of Central Michigan Outdoors in Mecosta said perch is being caught on minnows in area lakes.“Bluegills have slowed up a little bit,” he said. “I don’t know about bass too much. Perch is mostly what I’ve heard on being successful. Up until this week, they’re been doing well.”

In eastern Osceola and Mecosta Counties, “It’s been going pretty good, “said Jon Wolfgang of Lake, who runs an area Castaways Bass Fishing tourney. “We had a good weigh-in the other night on Crooked Night. The weekend before we were at the Martiny Lakes and that was going good.”


Posted by John Raffel

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