JDLink allows technicians to pin-point, diagnose tractor problems from miles away

New John Deere tractors, such as the 8235R model shown here, come standard with JDLink technology. (Pioneer Photo/Josh Roesner)

MECOSTA COUNTY — As the number of farmers shrinks state and nationwide, technology plays an increasingly large role in helping farmers make efficient use of time.

One such technological development is JDLink, a location and diagnostic technology which John Deere is including in some new models of tractors.

“It’s like Onstar to General Motors,” said Joe Voelker, co-owner of Voelker Implement Sales, located at 18880 Northland Drive in Green Township.

If a JDLink-equipped encounters problems in the field, the service manager will get a notification and can pull up the codes to see what issue the farmer is encountering, Voelker added.

“This helps prepare the mechanic to bring the right parts the very first time,” he said. “The (tractor) is then up and running quickly.”

Currently, if a tractor encounters a problem, a service technician has to travel to its location, pull the codes and then come back with the parts. JDLink helps cut down on the time a tractor is out of commission.

“Dealers are getting further away from our customers,” Voelker said. “We can have technicians on the road for half a day just going to the customer and back.

“(Technicians) can diagnose a problem just like it was in front of them, even though they might be 100 miles away.”

JDLink comes standard on new John Deere Tractors, he added.

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