Use caution this July Fourth

There are so many laws being passed, amended, changed and morphed, it is simply too hard to keep track of all that is going on.

Still, at this time of year it is glaringly easy to remember that last year the state legislature passed a bill basically allowing the use of fireworks — any fireworks — to anyone, at just about any time.

At the time, the assembled legislators noted the change was an effort to create jobs. This seems to be the catch-all excuse for doing just about anything or passing any silly piece of legislation nowadays.

Giving people the right to blast off any style of ordinance they so please is just … goofy.

The legislature followed up with a bill this year giving municipalities the ability to at least legislate times and dates within their own bailiwicks … to assure the enforcement of noise ordinances.

Whatever the case, it is not our intention to suggest limits on anyone’s holiday fun. Heaven forbid!

What we would like to remind readers is that just because you may have the legal right to blast off a virtual cannon in the backyard, doesn’t necessarily mean you need to do so.

We would suggest a little common sense at this time of year.

A bit of common sense, and a healthy dose of consideration for neighbors in the immediate area may well go a long way toward creating a more congenial atmosphere throughout the community.

Leave the BIG fireworks to the pros.

And if you simply MUST fire off an industrial-strength rocket from your back porch — PLEASE!!!!!!! Be careful.

That big boom isn’t really worth getting hurt for.


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