Drive a little wiser; cruise a little safer

In recent days, a number of boating and motorcycling accidents have taken place in this and neighboring counties resulting in the injury and death of residents and visitors alike.

The number of incidents occurring is unusual for such a short period of time.

Sadly, it may well be that at least some of the accidents could have been avoided with an extra dose of caution.

Summertime is a special time to get out on the road and water enjoying nature and all Mecosta County has to offer to the larger community of outdoor enthusiasts.

What a pity that the enjoyment of traveling our highways and byways, and the pleasure of cruising our lakes, rivers and streams is so often tragically ended by a devastating accident.

With much of the summer still ahead of us, we would encourage bike, motorcycle and ORV riders to exercise an added degree of care and caution while enjoying their motor sports.

Know your machine. Know your road or pathway. And most important, know your limits.

At the same time, motorists traveling to and from work, or simply out for an evening ride, need to be a bit more alert to their surroundings.

This is bike and motorcycle season.

Give those riding on two wheels a break. In an accident, two wheels always loses to four.

And out on the lakes, rivers and streams, please, Please, PLEASE use an extra portion of common sense and stay safe.

We in the newspaper business would always prefer to report on you all having fun and enjoying the natural beauty of our community, rather than report on another accident … and another … and another.

We hope you enjoy Mecosta County and the surrounding communities to the fullest.

But we also hope you’ll drive a little wiser, cruise a little safer, and enjoy the summer with a little more caution and consideration.


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