Giving credit when it is due

It is sometimes far to easy to take umbrage with the shortcomings — perceived or real — of politicians, while brushing off the good things they do.

We think it is time to give some credit where credit is due.

Both State Rep. Phil Potvin, (R-Cadillac), and State Sen. Darwin Booher (R-Evart) have visited in Mecosta County recently, and each in their individual visits made time to meet with the voting public and specific businesses as well.

Rep. Potvin spent time at Currie’s BP gas station in Big Rapids, and later met with constituents in the Canadian Lakes area.

Sen. Booher also sat down with voters in area for a session of coffee and talk, met with businesses, and addressed specific concerns while both listening to and answering questions.

In both visits, the two not only spoke but listened as well — offering up answers to issues whenever they had a chance.

Potvin and Booher were here doing part of their respective jobs – learning the needs of the people in their representational communities and passing on information to folks living in our area.

Not every voter in any district will always agree with the person sitting in a congressional seat. In fact, statistically speaking, at any given time probably any politician can only hope for about half of his representative district’s voter support.

So too in the Big Rapids and Mecosta County. Not everyone voted for Booher and Potvin, but every voter can appreciate the fact that each man is making the effort to meet with them on occasion and be aware of their needs.

We thank Rep. Potvin and Sen. Booher for coming to Big Rapids and the Mecosta County area, and meeting with their constituents. We believe you’ll always find a polite and warm welcome in our community — even from those who agree to disagree.

We hope people of all political thought and opinion will work with elected officials whenever possible to create an atmosphere of cooperative action.


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