ROBERT E. NOVAK: ‘Show me your sacrifice … and I will know you as a patriot’

To the Editor,

It has been misled, mis-directed, mis-managed and has strayed from the basic principles that has made America a land of opportunity.

Our opportunities are being eroded from “self reliance” to becoming dependent on “government handouts.” Our freedoms are being challenged daily by government that wants to control every aspect of our lives. It’s gone from an administration of guiding America to ruling America. In the passage of time the pendulum has swung too far to the left. Our basic foundations in America are being questioned. Our religious freedoms are being hijacked by those who want no religion to be recognized in America. Americans are dangerously close to “turning our math into roguery and our literature into lust.”

The fast talking and smooth talking snake oil salesmen are having a comeback, the lines defining America’s friends, allies and enemies are becoming blurred. Lines in the sand, red lines, not to be crossed are being trampled and crossed. Those entrusted to protect America’s freedoms have lost the fire in their bellies to take a stand on important issues that have made America the land of opportunity and freedom. A leader needs only to do three things:

1. Have a vision.

2. Have the ability to articulate that vision.

3. Persuade people to participate in that vision.

This is done line upon line, precept upon precept, but most of all by example.

Show me you passion for America and I will know your heart. Show me your faith and I will know your strength. Show me the truth of your commitment to lead and I will know your future for America. Show me your work for the spirit and work to guide our great nation and I will know your purpose in life. Show me your sacrifice to “pledge your life, your fortune and your sacred honor” and I will know you as a patriot.

Should our Declaration of Independence be presented to our elected leaders today, who will be the signers? Who will not sign? Why not?

Robert E. Novak
Big Rapids


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