Support for the Red Cross helps our neighbors

For years, and years, and years … more years than most can remember … the American Red Cross has been serving this area in good times, and in tough times as well.

During quiet times, the Red Cross has provided training in everything from swimming to Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation, and everything in between.

They still do so today.

In tough times and periods of crisis, the Red Cross is on scene supplying a cup of coffee to first responders, and helping victims of both natural and man-caused disasters beginning to rebuild their lives.

In the distant past, and in recent months, the Red Cross has stood with the people of Big Rapids and been a comforting shoulder and a neighbor indeed.

Now, the local Red Cross team is looking for volunteers to help them continue the good work.

A meeting will be held on Wednesday, to inform interested area residents what the duties of a Red Cross volunteer entail and explain exactly what training is involved.

You may be suitable to the task, and you may not be so.

But you won’t know unless you find out what it means to be a Red Cross volunteer, and what the organization needs from you.

We would encourage all area residents to make the effort, attend the session, and see if there might be a match between what they have to give and what the Red Cross needs to continue their important mission.

Please talk to those already involved. Listen to their experiences. See first hand what an important step this could be in your life, and in affecting the lives of others in the most positive of ways.

The American Red Cross always is waiting in the wings to assist whenever needed, and in the most desperate times imaginable.

Now it is time for all of us, as a community, to stand next to neighbors already involved with the organization in giving every possible support to this continuing outreach.

For more information, contact the Red Cross at (231) 796-6562.

Think about it.


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