Hall fulfills dream at hunt

BITELY — Bradley Hall of Sand Lake was among the participants who was able to fulfill a dream last weekend at the Legends Ranch in Bitely during the annual Special Youth Challenge Hunt.

Hall shot an eight-point buck at the ranch on Aug. 23. The event is set up to use the outdoors as a vehicle to help participants with disabilities have some unique enjoyment, build self esteem and increase confidence while going on a deer hunt.

GOOD TIMES: Bradley Hall, front center, enjoys a moment at The Legends Special Youth Challenge Hunt last weekend at The Legends near Bitely. (Pioneer photo/John Raffel)

Bradley’s father, Mike Hall, is an 1981 graduate from Morley Stanwood High School. He said they were able to make connections with Legends through his involvement with the Safari Club. He’s known Skip Bettis of the Legends Ranch for a considerable amount of time.

He used a .270 to bag the buck. The father and son were on the hunt with a guide.

Mike Hall recalls that they watched the 8-point buck from about 150 to 160 yards away for about 20 minutes, when he came in about 120 yards. Bradley took his shot and the deer went down.

“He was excited, “Mike Hall said. “It was his first hunt.”

Bradley is a special needs student who graduated from Tri County High School.

“This was a sense of accomplishment,” Mike Hall said.

Also up at Legends for the weekend was Bradley’s mother Brenda and his brother Marcus.

Mike also is an avid hunter. He’s a bow and rifle hunter. He’s predicting a “so-so” season. But he’s also an avid waterfowl hunter.

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