Habitat deserves our help

For a good number of years, volunteers with Mecosta County’s Habitat for Humanity have been working their faith.

“Working their faith” is a lot like living their faith, but often with a lot more sweat and a quite a bit more swinging of hammers and shingling of roofs.

As an organization, Habitat is dedicated to building affordable and decent housing for partner families who also invest a lot of “sweat equity” into the project and who in return are able to live in a house that soon becomes a home as part of this expansive outreach.

It is a stunningly important program — to every person involved from those receiving homes to those involved in prayer support.

The program survives and exists largely by donations. While there are a few organized fundraisers, the lion’s share of Habitat’s funding comes from donations.

In an effort to create a more stable and consistent way to raise much needed money, the Habitat team recently opened a resale shop on Northland Drive where people can pick up all sort of appliances, furniture, cabinets and more, for decent, heavily discounted prices.

The reception of the Resale Store has been incredible, so much so that the team now are in desperate need of more donations — donations of cabinets, furniture and building equipment. In addition, they could use some volunteer help in any number of capacities.

Habitat does so much for our community — building 29 homes over the past couple decades.

We would encourage folks to look deep into not only their hearts, but also into basements, garages, attics and work sheds for good (not junk!), clean (not ratty!), and usable (not some broken down utensil) items that can be resold, recycled and reused, while filling the Habitat coffers with much need funding.

If we give, Habitat will be able to continue giving as well.

Please support Habitat for Humanity.


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