Maintaining good balance a key to consistent bowling

The kids’ costumes were really great this year for Halloween. I hope you gave out plenty of treats and weren’t tricked. Halloween isn’t simply for the young but also the young at heart. Hope your experience was a good one.

Well, nearly all of the leaves are off the trees and I hope you aren’t having any leaves on the lanes.

Here is a little short thought that may be just the trick to help improve your shot making. Besides utilizing practice to improve your game, not simply rolling during league play, you need to focus on balance.

Good balance is key. If your approach feels uncomfortable, it means you are not ideally balanced throughout the delivery. Maybe you feel a strain at the beginning of your arm swing when the weight of the ball moves to one side of your body.

Others struggle to stay steady as they arrive at the foul line and finish the shot. This can lead to various contortions and a fall-off step to the side. Here are remedies for these flaws but improvement requires practice.

First, keep the ball from straying away from your center of gravity and use your opposite side limbs as stabilizers. Over extending your pushaway too far forward or to the outside of your body typically has unproductive side effects that won’t feel comfortable.

At the finish, for better balance concentrate on keeping the opposite arm extended and relatively steady while the opposite foot finishes about two feet to the side and rear of the sliding foot.

If you are experiencing issues with your approach keep these ideas in mind. League play is a difficult time to work on a change to your regular delivery. However, keeping these ideas in mind may help you decipher what ails your delivery. Give it a try.

This week, Tim Hickman had great balance as he rolled a 270 game with a 696 series in the Friday Night Men’s League. Dusty Aldrich came in high for the women with a nice 551 series but Christy White rolled the high game for the week with a 231. Both were bowling in the Wednesday Night Keglers League. Congratulations to our high bowlers!

As this is the first weekend in November, don’t forget to set your clocks back one hour tonight or you will find yourself arriving pretty early for church or where ever else your Sunday schedule takes you. Keep yourself in balance – in all aspects of your life. Until next week, good luck and good bowling!


EARLY KINGS & QUEENS: Mike Cline 624, 237; Colin Cline 571, 213; Chris Karlin 568, 226; Shelly Myers 508, 201; Carla Vredenburg 437; Barb Fitzgerald 436, 167; Alley Oops 1854, 658; Good Time Roller 1804, 617; Wanna be Bowlers 1781, 631.

THE GATE HOUSE: Jessica Wallance 531, 211; Mary Charania 507; Peggy Graham 505, 201; Cindy’s Cut n Curl 1992, 723; Isabella Bank 1687, 602; Eaton Heating & Cooling 1675, 566.

MONDAY NIGHT MEN: Alan Hatchew 670, 257; Paul Jefts 626, 233; Kenn Vredenburg 595; Morningstar 2107, 749; Clear Lake Golf 2074, 718; C&B Printing 2018, 721.

TUESDAY NIGHT HOUSE: Nick Ross 658, 237; Butch Bechaz 628; Denny Danneels 625, 252; Tracey Bosbous 524, 203; Renee Yerger 440, 166; Shellie Danneels 361, 136; Big Rapids Trophy 2893, 1032; Chemical Bank 2681, 924; Wild Rose Café 2635, 948.

EASTGATE DAMES & DUDES: Pete Norriss 663, 246; Lyle Dettmer 622, 233; John Chadra 618, 221; Kathy Dettmer 545, 210; Shirley Apsey 508, 189; Mary Lester 494, 183.

WEDNESDAY NIGHT KEGLERS: Dusty Aldrich 551, 206; Christy White 549, 231; Shelly Myers 548; C-Ray Heating & Cooling 2264, 787; Comstock House 2196, 807; Fab Five 2189.

MECEOLA: Peter Norriss 693, 266; Chris White 662, 244; Steve Marsh 649, 235; Steven Cook 632, 225; Northern Lights 2922, 1034; DNS Auto 2877, 998; Lebaron Financial 2769.

FRIDAY NIGHT MENS: Tim Hickman 696, 270; David Nawrot 677, 247; Nick Ross 655, 234; John Henry 642, 232; Dar Gould 633, 235; Professional Dental 2959, 995; Sharks 2842, 978; Bowler’s Corner 2783, 964.

SATURDAY NITE LIVE: David Nawrot 657, 257; Tom Vaughn 618, 258; Curt Yerger 616; Jessica Wallace 528, 198; Denise Bowen 519, 194; Cindy Snavley 509; Just for Kicks 2009, 702; The Rockin’ Bowlers 1955, 690; PB’s & J 1931.

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