Consistency is the key to becoming a better bowler

By now I’m sure many of you have done some sort of shopping for the Christmas season, be it in person or on line. I hope your Thanksgiving was a joyous one. Last Tuesday, Stan Dinius and I had fun delivering six of the 75 Thanksgiving meals that the Big Rapids Rotary club delivered this year to local families in need. Many happy faces were found with each delivery.

As we consider delivering the ball onto the lane, Parter Bohn III emphasized that timing and consistency are keys to success. Delivering the ball the same way every time makes success. The feet must work with the armswing. According to Bohn, practice on this will result in fewer problems later. Here are some suggestions:

Start by picking up the ball from the ball return with both hands. Transfer and hold the weight of the ball with the opposite hand you bowl with. Line your feet up on your favorite board on the approach. Put the fingers in the ball first and the thumb last. Hold the ball at the height you are comfortable with and begin moving it forward as you start your steps.

Going through these preliminaries the same way every time will build consistency. Think about a pro golfer on the green. They go through the same “ritual” before moving the club for the actual putt. If something interrupts their “ritual”, they start over before they actually strike the putt.

As you begin your approach, the ball and the feet must move together. Early timing is the result when the ball reaches the foul line before your body. Late timing is when your body has reached the foul line and the ball is still in the backswing. Ether issue will result in the poor shot from either pulling the ball sideways or muscling the ball through the shot. Ideally the ball should be slightly behind the slide foot as you begin your slide which allows you to project the ball two or three feet beyond the foul line.

Everyone has their own technique to deliver the ball onto the lane but the last two steps should be the same for everyone – backswing and delivery. Remember, one bad night does not define you as a bowler as the next bowling session can be exceptionally good.

If you want to see some of the local bowlers who have performed well during the last year, the annual All-Star Bowling Competition from our local bowling associations will take place next Saturday, Dec. 7, at The Gate at 1:00 PM. Come on down and see how the teams stack up against each other.

Bowlers who rolled this past week for honors were Peter Norriss with a fine 732 series and a 269 game which he rolled in the Friday Night Mens League. For the women, Kathy Dettmer captured the top slot rolling a 611 series and a 236 game in the Eastgate Dames & Dudes league. Chris Baker rolled a 708 series in the Friday Night Mens league and Brian Near finished out the 700 series with a 706 in the Meceola League.

Congratulations to our high bowlers this week. Work on being consistent in what you do on the lanes and don’t be discouraged. Until next week, good luck and good bowling!


SATURDAY NITE LIVE: Bob Frost 664, 268; John VanWagner 659, 255; Steve Fabian 593; Jessica Wallace 480, 203; Denise Bowen 474, 188; Luanne Vaughn 457; The Rockin’ Bowlers 2095, 732; Just for Kicks 1973, 685; P B & J 1888, 676.

FRIDAY NIGHT MENS: Peter Norriss 732, 269; Chris Baker 708, 267; Ricky Van 671, 244; Dennis Garner 660, 257; Mike Shopp 647; Greg Gydesen 637, 245; Bowlers Corner 3127, 1098; Professional Dental 3047, 1102; Sharks 2829, 1000.

MECEOLA: Brian Near 706, 247; John Henry Jr 679, 253; Bob Frost 650, 244; Kerry Schermerhorne 642, 258; Steven Cook 638, 236; Northern Lights 3057, 1095; Big Rapids Towing 3011, 1054; Lebaron Financial 2941, 1028.

WEDNESDAY NIGHT KEGLERS: Sue Sack 571, 220; Anne Graham 551, 226; Denise Bowen 548, 205; C-Ray Heating & Cooling 2303, 800; Penny Nickel Dime 2302, 805; Comstock House 2230, 816.

TUESDAY NIGHT HOUSE: Nick Ross 683, 242; David Nawrot 639; Curt Yerger 607; Tracey Bosbous 484, 203; Renee Yerger 409, 144; Big Rapids Trophy 2784, 1030; Wild Rose Cafe 2569, 895; Chemical Bank 2503, 862.

EASTGATE DAMES & DUDES: Peter Norriss 668, 240; Todd Forgue 595, 225; Aaron Hapner 593, 211; Kathy Dettmer 611, 236; Cathy Smith 555, 203; Mary Lester 454, 172.

MONDAY NIGHT MEN: Dave Yskes 683, 241; Kenn Vredenburg 623; John VanWagner 614; Morningstar 2263, 817; C&B Printing 2123, 755; Custer Builders 2077, 784.

THE GATE HOUSE: Maureen Kubitskey 522, 187; Nellie Charron 495; Denise Moulter 485; Isabella Bank 1805, 670; Cindy’s Cut n Curl 1752, 600; Eaton Heating & Cooling 1679, 601.

EARLY KINGS & QUEENS: Colin Cline 628, 233; Kevin Sherman 597, 222; Chris Karlin 597; Shelly Myers 505, 192; Linda Sherman 446, 166; Debbie Bulson 441; Alley Oops 1836; Wanna be Bowlers 1792, 632; Dazed & Confused 1787, 644.

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