Ohio State lineman must be suspended for obscene gesture against Michigan

Suspend him. Don’t let him play.

Ohio State starting right guard Marcus Hall should be suspended for the Big Ten championship game Saturday against Michigan State.

Hall was ejected from the Michigan game Saturday after getting into a fight and committing an unsportsmanlike penalty. On his way out of Michigan Stadium, Hall made an obscene two-handed gesture to the crowd.

Hall looked up at the crowd and shot a double-barreled, double bird. So to speak.

It was oddly aimed, considering at that spot in the stadium, there might have been more Ohio State fans than Michigan fans.

When Ohio State coach Urban Meyer was asked about Hall’s gesture, Meyer became quiet.

“Disappointed,” he said.

The melee happened after a kickoff early in the second quarter. Three players were flagged for unsportsmanlike conduct on the play and were ejected from the game.

Ohio State lost two players: Hall and kick returner Dontre Wilson. The Wolverines lost one player: backup linebacker Royce Jenkins-Stone.

Wilson was thrown out of the game, presumably for throwing a punch at Delano Hill, a defensive back from Cass Tech. Hill did not appear to retaliate.

The Big Ten office should also take a close look at the actions of Ohio State wide receiver Michael Thomas. On the video replay I saw, Thomas appeared to come out of nowhere and continue the fight when it could have dissipated. Thomas appeared to take a swing at Michigan linebacker Jake Ryan.

Then, Thomas continued to fight, crouching down into a boxing stance, and he didn’t stop until his coaches pulled him away.

“I don’t know where that came from,” Meyer said of the fight. “That’s not acceptable.”

The Big Ten should suspend Hall for Saturday’s championship game because his obscene gesture was such an embarrassment to the conference.

Instantly, photos of the gesture became a hot topic on Twitter. It made the conference look like a big joke.

Somebody took the time to edit a picture of Hall flipping the double bird and made him look like he was riding a roller coaster at Cedar Point.

Somebody else thought Hall’s middle-finger pose formed the perfect: H.

Someone made a collage of pictures that spelled out “Ohio,” with Hall holding up the double-bird H.


Big Ten fans are creative, if nothing else. Especially when it involves Ohio State.

After the game, Meyer said he doesn’t think the ejected players will be automatically suspended against Michigan State.

“I don’t think so,” Meyer said. “One of our guys talked to the officials and if it was the second half, sure. But I don’t think so.”

The Big Ten released a statement: “The conference office will wait until after the game for the officials’ written report, review the video and then take further action if needed.”

Consider it needed.

Other players from Michigan and Ohio State should be suspended, too, if the video shows they threw punches, too.

But suspending Hall is a no-brainer.

He embarrassed himself and his school. And he shouldn’t be allowed to play in the biggest game of the year in the conference.


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