DOUGLAS MILLER: Which bias? Whose bias?

To the editor,

Last week, Jack Spencer (again) accused the “mainstream news media” of bias in favor of global warming. He said data showing temperatures leveling out for the past 12 years didn’t make headlines. He questioned why the media would have downplayed this fact and concludes (as usual) that it is all part of a greater liberal conspiracy.

Had Jack bothered to look at those graphs by his left shoulder, he’d have seen a much more plausible explanation. (You can see the original graphs on-line by googling “East Anglia Climatic Research Unit”.)

Like most real-life data graphs, they move in jagged up-and-down fashion, yet the long-term trend clearly shows rising global temperatures from 1910 to the present.

This trend is backed up by ever-rising sea levels, shrinking glaciers, increased droughts, and severe weather events.

I have two more interesting questions that might be posed:

1) Why would the “liberal main-stream media”, (along with (90 percent) of the earth’s climatologists) want to perpetrate a myth of global warming? What’s in it for them? Who stands to get rich from that?

2) Why would a right-wing columnist and the big energy companies he serves want to debunk the existence of global warming? Who stands to (continue) getting rich from that?

I find question two much easier to answer.

Douglas Miller

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