LEEANN MOORE: Superintendent inaccurately represents data coach’s abilities

To the editor,

I am writing today in regards to the article “iBooks project tracks student progression” posted on December 9, 2013 by Karin Armbruster. The last three paragraphs of the article report on the layoff of the MOISD data coach.

In the minutes of the meeting, the data coach is not personally named. I have been told, though I was not personally at the meeting, that Mr. Finch did not use the name of the data coach either, when discussing the layoff. Yet Ms. Armbruster found it appropriate to print Mrs. Buys’ name in that article.

I would like to express how unprofessional I feel this is, especially as Mr. Finch’s comment about a lack of content knowledge is one that could be detrimental to someone who now has to seek employment elsewhere. If Mr. Finch made these comments and used Angie Buys’ name personally, the blame lies with him. He should know that making a statement such as this, which can be reported in the press, will follow her and affect her ability to find employment, especially locally.

I have worked with Angie Buys on many occasions for the last couple of years. She has always been a great asset in working with data and assisting in completing tasks required of schools by the government in the school improvement process. And while I cannot speak for my entire district, I know that the school improvement team I am a part of would not have found the reporting process nearly as easy without her assistance. I am not sure what content knowledge Mr. Finch and the MOISD board would like her to have, but it would seem that DATA is what a data coach should be good at. And she is.

It would also seem appropriate that the people a data coach serves, teachers and administrators from across the MOISD, would be surveyed about her effectiveness before a decision on termination was made. I know that I was never asked to evaluate her performance.

Angie deserves a much fairer chance than she received. She is a consummate professional with a true desire to make a difference in the world of education.

LeeAnn Moore

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