MARGARET S. TENANT: Competition in utilities benefits all

To the editor:

I am replying to the guest editorial “Open Up The Energy Field,” which ran on Dec. 27. I disagree with Obama/Snyder’s vision of energy for Michigan.

First, the U.S. has plenty of oil and natural gas. I say drill, baby.

Second, fleecing Michiganders is not conductive to business or home owners.

Third, citizens aren’t dumb. They may just go back to wood burners and tell Consumers Energy and Edison to go jump in the river.

Fourth, what we need is competition in the utilities. If there were at least five utility companies in the state, they’d have some real competition, which would give citizens a choice. You can take it to the bank the citizens would decide who can best serve their needs at the best price.

Edison and Consumers have a monopoly on the citizens’ fees. America is about competition in the marketplace. What we want is good service at a reasonable price. That’s free enterprise. Look what happened when AT&T was forced out of being a monopoly. People had many choices for telephone service. That was a good thing!

Think about it: If you had but one store to purchase your groceries from, quality would go down, prices would go up. Bottom line: No choices, stuck with that one store. Thankfully, we have choices, better quality and better prices. Michiganders tummies are proof positive that competition works.

Consumers Energy and Detroit Edison prove one thing: We’re getting a raw deal! Cheaper energy benefits everyone — the utility companies, businesses and citizens — and leads to a good place to work and live.

So drill, baby, drill. It also benefits the stockholders.


Margaret S. Tennant

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