ERROL PUTMAN: Michigan is not for sale this election season

To the editor:

Americans for Prosperity, the Koch brothers, and BIG money, are all rolled into one to create the magic formula for electing Republican candidates to office.

Operating out of Fox News Chairman Roger Ailes’ handbook they throw anything against the wall to see what sticks. They use innuendo, distortion, and blatant lies as the means to deliver their message. They will be coming at you from all directions, and they will be coming early.

For example, in a recent political ad that ran statewide, Americans for Prosperity attempted to capitalize on the misfortunes of a Michigan woman stricken with leukemia. They claimed she lost her doctor, health insurance, and heavens knows whatever else – all because of Obamacare.  These claims were all found to be false, and in fact, the woman actually benefited from Obamacare.

But it doesn’t stop there. Earlier this year selected constituents in Judy Emmons new district – the 33rd Senatorial District – were mailed a flyer “Paid for by Americans for Prosperity” applauding Emmons for voting against the Medicaid Bill, (before she voted for it.) This vote that cost Michigan $600,000,000 in lost federal dollars …and deprived how many kids of healthcare?

For the Koch brothers and Americans for Prosperity, the ideal America is one of weakened unions and low wages, no increase in the minimum wage, no social security, no Medicare, no Medicaid, less government regulation of big business, (including regulations impacting the environment), and lots and lots of tax breaks for billionaires.

When is enough wealth enough?

Less than 30 years ago the top 12 percent of the population controlled 33 percent of the wealth in the United States. Today, the top 1 percent alone controls over 40 percent of the wealth in these same United States.

It’s not by accident wages in this country have leveled off in the last 30 years and household incomes have plummeted.

In the forthcoming months, you will see the Koch brothers – as well as members of the DeVos family – contribute millions and millions of dollars to elect Republican candidates such as Senator Judy Emmons and Representative Phil Potvin, all across Michigan.

The time has come for an alternative organization. One that supports a reenergized middle class, properly funded public schools, a higher minimum wage, health care for all Americans, better paying jobs, and protection of our environment. An organization aptly named “Americans for Prosperity”, but “Prosperity for Americans.”

We have an election in November. It’s time that a message be sent to the Koch brothers, the DeVos family, and other big money carpetbaggers: MICHIGAN IS NOT FOR SALE!

Errol Putman


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