Public art lifts community spirits

“The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls.”
— Pablo Picasso

If you haven’t yet seen the beautiful sculpture of a koi fish recently placed in a gardened area at the start of the Riverwalk just alongside the west Maple Street Bridge, you really should do so.
The work of art created and coordinated by Julie McDonough is a stunning addition to our local landscape.
This most recent addition of sculpture art to the extended Big Rapids neighborhood is part of a Festival of the Arts effort to add a piece of art to the community in each festival year.
This is a most laudable effort, and should be appreciated by all Big Rapids residents.
We at the Pioneer believe public art is an expression of the community spirit.
Outdoor art — in whatever genre — takes roadways and walkways and creates a more warm and embracing space for all who drive and walk through village, town and city.
We in Big Rapids are blessed with people of vision who understand the needs of vibrant art in and throughout the
We salute the artists highlighted by their work along the Riverwalk, and on sidewalks throughout the city and on the Ferris State University campus.
Moreover, we offer heartfelt and sincere thanks to those who started and continue a program of artistic expression and expansion all throughout the community.
We hope the public display of art will continue to enrich our community life and “wash the dust of daily life off our souls.”
Thanks to all involved.

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