TOM SEAGER: On Iraq, all we do is meddle

To the editor:

The shake-up in Iraq was/is nothing more than a ploy to raise gas prices. Any time anyone rattles sabers in southeast Asia, up goes oil prices.

After things are “settled,” do gas prices come down? You and I both know the answer. We didn’t “win” anything over there. All we did was meddle in their affairs. I could see it coming. As soon as we left Iraq, they were right back to it. As soon as we leave Afghanistan, they will be right back to fighting, killing and bombing each other.

Those countries have been at each other for thousands of years and there is no way we are going to stop them. All we do is meddle.

What did we lose? Thousands of our men and women, and gazillions of my money.

If Big Oil thinks they are fooling me, they better think again. Period.

Tom Seager 


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