Use some common sense this summer

There is nothing more uncommon than common sense.” 

— Frank Lloyd Wright

American architect

As we move slowly through summer, it grows ever harder not to notice the increasing number of incidents in and around our community in which a healthy dose of common sense seems to be lacking.

People tubing end up going missing for hours on end with no means of communicating with friends and loved ones. (Thankfully no one was injured.)

Law enforcement officials are already receiving complaints concerning the use of fireworks at times of the day and night when they are a bother to others.

Fireworks are reported being used in a careless fashion with merry-makers endangering both other people and their natural surroundings.

Kids and pets are reported being left in cars — even for “… just a minute.”

Summer is a time of year that demands the judicious use of common sense just as at any other time of year.

Just because summer has arrived doesn’t mean we need to peel off logic and normal behavior as we might peel off a too-warm shirt.

It’s time to not only grow up and be a bit more careful during summer fun and activities, but also be more considerate of others.

Just because the law allows you to fire off rockets and other Independence Day noisemakers, doesn’t mean you simply have to regardless if a neighbor is coming off a hard shift at work and looking forward to some quality sleep.

Just because there is no law about tubing alone down the Muskegon at night, doesn’t mean you should do so.

Just because you’re “… just running in for a minute,” doesn’t mean you should leave kids or pets locked in a hot and getting hotter by the second car.

Just because the law says you can do all sort of things, doesn’t mean you have to do them.

Lets use some common sense and make summer that much more enjoyable to all involved — you, your friends, your family and our neighbors.

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