Lions’ Broyles ready to rebound from injuries

ALLEN PARK — It might have been Day 2 of training camp Tuesday, but Lions receiver Ryan Broyles said he’s taking it one day at a time.

Despite long hours of rehab after suffering a torn Achilles tendon last season, Broyles is moving forward and is excited about training camp.

“It’s Day 2,” Broyles said Tuesday. “I feel pretty good right now.”

These past few years have been rough for Broyles. He played only 16 games and caught just 30 passes in the two seasons since the Lions drafted him. However, he remains in good spirits, and with rehabilitation, getting a new speed coach and working on foot placement, he’s ready to play again.

“You just keep chipping away mentally and physically how to prepare your body for the preseason,” said Broyles, who also had serious injuries during his 2011 and 2012 seasons when he had anterior cruciate ligament tears in both knees. “I’ve had it all against me. So I’m only moving up from here.”

Broyles focused on getting stronger and faster and taking pressure off his knees during rehab to prepare for camp.

“Strengthening my calf, you know, strengthening my whole lower body, really,” Broyles said. “You know you go through an initial phase just strengthening the Achilles. You put a lot of stress on it to make it stronger, and I think I did a good job with that.”


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