BILL GOLOMBISKY: The shared sacrifice lie

To the editor:

The shared sacrifice lie is alive and well. During Governor Snyder’s time in office, the republican led house and senate have succeeded in placing the burden of the state budget directly on the backs of struggling Michigan citizens.

One hundred and fifty legislators and one governor have worked hard to railroad the people of Michigan into a situation that looks like we are all getting ahead through a so called “shared sacrifice”.

Public schools, teachers and children suffer. Senior citizens are now required to pay increase taxes on pension money that they’ve already been taxed for. Families can no longer claim exemptions for children in their household nor their home as a homestead.

So, the schools lose money and suffer the consequences with crowded classrooms, limited technology, privatized janitors with little training and netting dirty schools. Families sacrifice their tax returns and are forced to take on two or more jobs to make ends meet, just so the tax break for rather larger business, friends of the governor, don’t have to pay tax.

How many businesses does the governor own? Can you imagine his loyalty to Michigan as he and his friends outsource businesses overseas? I am sure he hopes to pay as little in property and income taxes as is possible, just like the rest of us hope for. If he were required to sacrifice more, could he afford to do it?

Snyder’s buzz word , “shared sacrifice” is the nom de plume for the “sacrifice” for me, crowd. They are only a few legislators making decisions for and against the million of the rest of us who can really effect change in OUR Michigan.

Are bad roads and bridges needing repairs part of the shared sacrifice?

Are lobbyists who have to eat, drink and generally hob nob in Lansing benefiting from this shared sacrifice?

Do politicians who sit for dinner with their families pray and thank God for our sacrifice?

Do they assume those who have less than they need to just work harder and all is good?

I don’t know about you, but I am a registered voter. I will vote for those who promise and can deliver based on their commitment to the citizenry of Michigan.

And is it not commitment we are really talking about when we repeat the phrase, shared sacrifice? It is definitely not coming from Snyder, not from his cronies who are basically career politicians.

We need someone to be a genuine and true person to lead this state, the counties, the school districts and our townships. Currently, it seems to be people who are local and who are interested in Michigan proper.

Bill Golombisky


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