NANCY BURMEISTER: Will you vote?

To the editor:

Will you vote on Tuesday?

Are you concerned about the fact that Michigan still has far too much unemployment and

Are you concerned that our public schools struggle to teach our children and grandchildren because of funding shortages?

Does it concern you that our roads are in bad shape and our bridges need work?

Are you aware that Phil Potvin, our present 102nd district representative, willfully polluted the groundwater with industrial chemicals?

Are you bothered by the fact that our governor taxed seniors while giving tax breaks to corporations that send Michigan jobs overseas and gave huge raises to his staff in Lansing?

Do you want a meaningful job, good schools, safe roads and bridges, and a clean environment in which to live?

Please educate yourself on the issues and the people running for office.

Then, VOTE!

Nancy Burmeister

Big Rapids, MI

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