BILL REECE: Fudging the numbers

To the editor:

I am always amazed during election years how candidates fudge the facts. A good example is Representative Phil Potvin. Just recently at a Ferris State political event Mr. Potvin had the audacity to claim that the state had restored all the money that was cut from education. 

That claim is blatantly false. In 2011 the state reduced funding for education by an average of $450 per student. In 2012 the increase in per student funding was ZERO. In 2013 the legislature only increased the per pupil funding by an average of $125 per student, and in 2014 an average increase of $175 per student was passed. 

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see that schools are receiving less money per pupil in 2014 than they received in 2010. Specific numbers for every Michigan school district and university can be found by logging onto

Where did all this money go? It went to pay for the Governor’s one billion dollar tax reduction for businesses that was supposed to create new jobs in Michigan. Did it create new jobs? No! Did it hurt kids? Yes! Is it time to replace self-serving politicians with representatives who care about kids and working class families? Yes! Is it time to tell the super wealthy 1 percent of Americans that we won’t tolerate their continued dominance of the middle class? Yes!

Now is the time to make that change. Now is the time to elect candidates who will represent ALL of their constituents and not just the few. Now is the time to bring common sense back to the State Legislature by replacing incumbents who put business interests ahead of kids. You have the power to make this change. Vote for John Ruggles for State Representative and Fred Sprague for State Senate on Nov. 4.

Bill Reece


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