County residents soon will have ability to pay taxes online

MECOSTA COUNTY — Residents of Meocsta County will soon be able to pay their taxes online after the installation of a Point and Pay system.

Point and Pay LLC, which has been in business since 1999, builds and integrates specialized payment systems for governments.

Meocsta County is in the beginning stages of implementing the online system, said Meocsta County Treasurer Sherry Earnest.

It will take take five to seven weeks before residents can start paying taxes online, she said.

“We need to complete the application process in order to set up each payment type,” Earnest said. “Get the card readers and schedule and complete online training before we go live.”

Earnest has been looking at implementing this type of service for some time because of residents looking for a convenient way to pay their taxes or fees.

“Everyday we get phone calls with request to play their delinquent taxes online, or over the phone,” Earnest said.

Today to pay taxes, residents either have to mail in the payment or come to the treasurer’s office, 400 Elm Big Rapids.

They want another way to pay that is more convenient for them, she said. However, convenience comes with a price.

There are two different fees that will be charged to the consumer’s card. Property tax fees for credit and debit card payments are 3 percent with a $2 minimum.

“It’s consumer driven because of the ease to pay, but it is still an expense for the customer,” Earnest said.

Residents making payments by credit of debit card to the county that are not taxes, such as court fines will have a non tax flat fee. The fee will depend on the payment amount and can range from $1.50 to $15.

“It’s all based on the increments and what the person is paying for,” Earnest said. “Tether fees are non tax fees.”

There is no cost to the county for the system, which includes two card readers per department. There is a cost of $50 for each additional card reader.

“This is a web based program, which is no cost to us,” Earnest said. “It a should be a simple program for people to use.”


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