10-pin topics: Practice, practice, practice

By Jim Cook

Here we are at the end of January already. With father time marching forward, we need to keep up and enjoy each day as they come.

As I look over a stack of bowling magazines, the common denominator is practice. Bowling is a game of skill where we are individually responsible for our end result. Probably the best statement I have heard in a long time is, “There is no defense in the game of bowling.”

As we compete in league play or in a tournament, how you perform as an individual accounts for where you end up in the standings. With leagues and tournaments that are handicapped, the playing field is further leveled and you are really competing against yourself and your prior scores.

So, how do we practice? In the January edition of Bowlers Journal International pointed out, the ultimate goal is to “Stick the Finish.” This means completing a shot in a balanced post-delivery posture, which is a good feeling and worth seeking to repeat.

Keep in mind, though, there aren’t any style points in bowling. Instead, it is the ability to conclude a vary vigorous athletic action in a smooth, efficient and repeatable manner.

You can become too form-conscious, but only to the point that the idea to “look pretty” overtakes more instinctive desires to apply sufficient speed, rotation and direction to the shop. The purpose of practice is to improve for the future, including focusing on ways to attain better post-release balance. Perfect practice will result in muscle memory, which will allow you to not over-think when in the heat of competition.

This week we had our fourth 300-game of the season recorded by Nate Strong. He rolled the perfect game in the Early Kings & Queens League. In the same league, Josh Graham was also rolling for a perfect game, shooting a 297 and coming up with the second-high series of 771. Tim Hickman captured the high total for the week with a 773 series in the Meceola league.

For the women, Cindy Snavley had a great night, rolling a 258 game and a 622 series in the Saturday Nite Live League. Shelly Myers also rolled a 600 series, totaling 607 in the Early Kings & Queens League.

Other 700 series rolled this week were: John Henry Jr (757), Meceola; Eric Schafer (749), Meceola; Steve Marsh (738), Meceola; David Nawrot (730), Meceola; Bob Venlet (716), Friday Night Mens; Jesse Vanwagner (716), Saturday Nite Live; Ron Pastor (714), Friday Night Mens; Curt Ray (711), Meceola; James Buscaino (710), Friday Night Mens; and Nate Strong (707), Early Kings & Queens.

Congratulations to all of our top bowlers this week. The BA local tournament begins this week with team events taking place Thursday and Friday nights and Team, Singles & Doubles competition taking place on Saturday and Sunday beginning at 1 p.m. both days. Tournaments are extra fun with cash prizes, so take a moment to enter and see how you do.

Until next week, good luck and good bowling!


EARLY KINGS & QUEENS: Josh Graham 771, 297; Nate Strong 707, 300; Van Johnson 676; Shelly Myers 607, 214; Patti Adrianse 559, 198; Linda Sherman 505, 223; All Ten 2232, 783; Wanna be bowlers 2103; Dazed & confused 2084, 818.

MONDAY NIGHT MEN: Mike Shiting, 695, 256; Nate Strong, 650, 276; Paul Jefts, 633; Custer Builders, 2373, 876; Aldrich Excavating, 2240, 791; Clear Lake Golf, 2188.

THE GATE HOUSE: Cindy Snavley, 568, 215; Kay Anderson, 540, 215; Mary Charania, 510, 191; Cindy’s Cut n Curl, 1990, 716; Eaton Heating & Cooling, 1894, 690; Gutter Busters, 1723, 613.

EASTGATE DAMES & DUDES: John Chadra, 574, 203; Mike Fuller, 567, 198; Rick Loop, 520; Denise Miller, 527, 195; Shirley Apsey, 507; Cathy Smith, 488; Just for Fun, 1520, 531; 2 hers & a him, 1464, 498; The Blast, 1454, 502.

WEDNESDAY NIGHT KEGLERS: Jessica Wallace, 573, 216; Shelly Myers, 570, 214; Dusty Aldrich, 568, 232; Penny Nickel Dime, 2389, 865; Fab Five, 2382, 843; Jordan Law Office, 2225, 775.

MECEOLA: Tim Hickman, 773, 269; John Henry Jr, 757, 289; Eric Schafer, 749, 264; Steve Marsh, 738, 278; David Nawrot, 730, 257; Curt Ray, 711, 266; Rich Carrick, 695; Dar Gould, 589; Steve Cook, 676; Chris Raffel, 672; Allen Chiropractic, 3440, 1179; DNS Auto, 3244, 1142; Copper Wolf, 3230, 1142.

FRIDAY NIGHT MENS: Bob Venlet, 716, 257; Ron Pastor, 714, 244; James Buscaino, 710, 244; David Nawrot, 684, 265; Karl Mead, 679, 266; Rich Carrick, 672, 256; Ron Collins III, 671, 246; John Henry, 670; Allen Chiropractic, 3421, 1178; Bowlers Corner, 2990, 1020; Wild Rose Café, 2960, 1040.

SATURDAY NITE LIVE: Jesse Vanwagner, 716, 258; Steve Fabian, 654; Roger Lubs, 637, 267; Cindy Snavley, 622, 258; Laura Johnson, 552, 213; Shelly Myers, 548, 196; Yung Sing, 2192, 822; Pin Pushers, 1969; Bass Akwards, 1951.

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