GUEST EDITORIAL: Legislators miss target with BB gun concern

Believe it or not, for the past 56 years, it was a misdemeanor for someone under the age of 18 to possess a BB gun pistol except in his or her own backyard. Those horrible BB guns! Thank goodness that law was in effect to protect society from tragedies inflicted upon us by BB guns.

But what will happen now that the law has been repealed? Will we be overrun with wrongdoing by BB gun-brandishing juveniles?

Not likely.

How do these kinds of laws ever become created in the first place? Not only did lawmakers waste our tax dollars 56 years ago by creating the law, they had to waste even more by getting it repealed.

Times change — we understand that. But come on, what the heck were they thinking?

We suggest lawmakers pay more attention to the real issues that have impact on our society — health care, Social Security, poverty and educational funding, to name a few.

If there aren’t better things to do than worrying about BB guns, then perhaps we have too many lawmakers.

This editorial originally was published in the March 30, edition of the Grand Haven Tribune.


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