SHELLY LUBBINGE: Say ‘No’ to new trade deal

To the editor:

Congress is set to vote on a massive outsourcing trade bill, called the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), very soon which includes Fast-Track authority.

Fast-Track is a power move by multinational corporations that gives little or no oversight to Congress. It essentially ties the hands of Congress from making sure those deals work for all of us.

I believe that it’s time for Congress to pay attention to the very people who elect them.

I believe that it’s time for Congress to do their job, which includes watching out for our best interests, not just multinational corporations.

I am urging Congress to oppose Fast-Track for TPP. It’s a corporate trade deal that will outsource American jobs and further exploit workers overseas.

I am urging anyone who votes to stand with me and hold Congress accountable. Expect them to do their jobs or don’t give them your vote. Remind them that we will not vote for legislators who put corporations ahead of citizens!

Shelly Lubbinge
Chippewa Lake, MI

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